While many people have now joined THE VIP LOUNGE and started to enjoy the benefits of being a "LOUNGER". There are others who pass judgement without investigating for themselves what we do, how we operate and experience the support and encouragement we give each other.

Below I hope to clear up some of the myths surrounding us and put right the false allegations levelled against us. Most of which arise from people who either don’t feel that they need our support, or can’t understand why we would want to do the things we achieve without gaining financial reward or some other sort of recompense.

From the outset I must make clear that the whole of THE VIP LOUNGE (GROUP), receive no financial support, either by sponsorship, charge to our "LOUNGERS", applying for grants, nor fundraising. In short, THE VIP LOUNGE is a peer to peer, non financial, support organisation, acting a a gateway to all services offered to Visually, Impaired People (VIP) anywhere in the world.

Mostly we provide the services and support from within house by trained or professionally qualified people, but where necessary, we refer on to other agencies either government, business or charitable, such as healthcare, social services, welfare, training, educational or employment, etc.

We offer advice and support on issues including welfare rights,
Housing entitlement, legal matters, emotional needs, vocational and employment training introductions, as well as rehabilitation and mobility concerns.the list just goes on and on.

We also work either alone or in partnership with other organisation and agencies, campaigning on issues that our members (known affectionately as LOUNGERS) tell us are important to them, in facilitating easier everyday living, to the best of an individuals capabilities.

In our social media environments such as team talk, WhatsApp, Facebook etc, we draw upon one another’s unique experiences, in order to help, encourage and support. This goes on every second of every day, we never close our doors either during the evenings or at the weekend.

We meet up regularly all over the U.K. for now, enjoying just lunch or for extended mini breaks, staying in mainstream hotels. Our loungers are encourage to socialise as well as experience many differing activities such as 10 pin Bowling as well as other sports, through to white buckle rides such as those available at THE PLEASURE BEACH in Blackpool, theatre, concerts as well as everything in between.

Our radio stations perform a vital role in the work we do far beyond entertaining people or informing them as to what services or products are out there to enhance the lives of a VIP.

Sometimes there are those who sit in a bedroom, protected by their families or carers. Those people can feel isolated, unsupported and very depressed.

But one day they come across one of our stations and listen for a moment. They realise that people they hear on the radio face the same physical or emotional issues as them. Then they start to think, just maybe I could do that. They contact the station and ask for a request. Before long they start to interact with other people who use the service. They then involve themselves in other social media that THE VIP LOUNGE provide. They now start to feel included and accepted and before long realise that they are the person offering the support and encouragement.

After this happens, we have seen many LOUNGERS either start to train on our radio stations, or even move out of their bedrooms, further into their homes, then venture out into the world, eventually into a place of their own, supporting themselves through employment.


That’s why we do what we do, here at THE VIP LOUNG!

The reason we exist is because we are needed by people who are desperate for something, even though they may not even realise what that something is initially.

To those who doubt us, I urge you join us and see for yourself. Don’t just believe others who can’t understand our purpose.

Some former LOUNGERS have slated us. I’m proud of most of them as when we first met them, they could not find a voice with which to speak out. Through their experience with us whether good or bad they find a way to communicate and express themselves. In my opinion that’s another success initiated by THE VIP LOUNGE, JOB DONE, as far as I’m concerned and I wish them well as they move on. But just like throughout society in general there are some nasty people, who are either self centred, ignorant or selfish. Honestly no matter how hard we may try, there is no helping them unless they want assistance or are ready to be supported.

When I set up THE VIP LOUNGE nearly four years ago, I never wanted to make it about me and I still don’t. It’s others who try to do that, because they are either ignorant, selfish, jealous, or just plain nasty.

Thank you for taking the time to read what I have written today. I hope that now you have a better understanding regarding why we are here and what we do. Should you feel that you could benefit from being a part of such a caring supportive organisation, of know somebody who may, I invite you or them to join, all are welcome, though troublemakers will be exposed and expunged.

Finally, safeguarding is a main priority. We have a zero tolerance bullying policy as most who have slated THE VIP LOUNG, or me personally HAVE ALREADY FOUND OUT!

IAN Francis.