The Big Move!

Post Written by Ian Francis

THE VIP LOUNGE makes a big move this week.

Yes, we have been talking about this for what seems like an age, but this week on Thursday 13th July, we all up sticks from Oxford and Birmingham and move the headquarters of THE VIP LOUNGE back to Cardiff where it all began 4 years ago on August 1st, 2013.

It’s been a very busy 4 years and I will tell you more about this nearer the anniversary in just a couple of weeks.

For now though, Myself, my assistant Claire Henson, my partner Sammy Clark, head of the radio group TJ Breach, and WhatsApp administrator Leeanne Gilchrist, will be away for a week, in order that we can get all the tech stuff set up, along with getting the office sorted.

For this week, I would be grateful if you could address all enquiries regarding welfare and the services that THE VIP LOUNGE offer to either Hazel Hyland or Lianne Mckeon, who are more than capable of dealing with any matter that you may need support with.

Thank you for your co-operation regarding the above.

Take care all.