Yes there are people that we all know who are always happy. So bubbly and friendly. The life and soul of any party. They are so generous with their time and they usually have a huge heart.

Now what I’m about to say by no means include all individuals that the above description applies to, however it is true for most of them.

Some people put a mask on to hide how they may be feeling inside. They simply smile and laugh in the right places when we talk to them. They tell you openly that they are fine, just to try to reassure you.

But the people I’m talking about here don’t just wear a mask, the put a whole costume on. They dress themselves up in a larger than life personality to even avoid somebody asking them the question, “are you ok?”

These are usually the people closest to rock bottom regarding how they are feeling and it takes so much strength for them to admit that they may need help.

This could be because it’s easier to give up than it is to fight to survive. For them each day requires such a massive amount of energy just to carry on.

Special occasions such as birthdays or anniversary’s are so difficult to deal with as immediate family and friends just want to party and be happy, butCHRISTMAS TIME just magnifies this whole thing as there is no escaping the fact that it seams like the whole world just wants to celebrate.

Here at THE VIP LOUNGE, we understand that not everybody wants to be a part of Christmas.

We are here 24 hours a day every day of the year including at Christmas, ESPECIALLY AT CHRISTMAS.

So if you need us, please use the number below and give us a call?


We can offer support at your most desperate time and what’s more important is that we want to. We are not here because we have to be or because we need to be.