Hi all and firstly can I wish you all a very merry and enjoyable Christmas, along with a happy and healthy 2018.

You know I’m so proud of the work we all do here at THE VIP LOUNGE. I’m always mindful that it’s you the LOUNGERS who do this work and mostly you don’t even realise that your doing it and that’s why THE VIP LOUNGE works so well for almost everybody, so well done to you, I’m very grateful.

2017 has been our hardest year yet with both THE VIP LOUNGE and many individual members facing some very difficult challenges. However, we thrive during difficult times and just dig in and work even harder.

We have helped literally thousands of people, not just in the U.K. but right around the world. This is something we can be very proud of.

Among the aspect of daily living, we have offered support with are children living on the streets, boyfriends coming to terms with losing their sight due to vindictive partners, concealing and referring others on when they have been abused either sexually, violent, or mentally, by people they trusted.

We have given welfare, medical, emotional and practical support with every aspect of daily living, whether it be talking with people contemplating suicide right through to explaining where a liquid level indicator can be purchased.

THE VIP LOUNGE has since its launch offered support and advice not just to VIPs, but to any person with an interest regarding living with sight impairment. In fact, THE VIP LOUNGE as a whole has received in excess of 750,000 phone calls or contact via the World Wide Web asking for help or giving advice or support. These figures are just amazing.

So to begin 2017, I personally was recovering from a kidney operation, then in February, I had an emergency pacemaker/defibrillator fitted to my heart. A week after coming out of hospitals, I was made homeless due to a disturbed gentleman blowing my home up when he killed himself in a gas explosion. For eight weeks I lived in just one small room with no internet etc, but as a team we all kept THE VIP LOUNGE running as though nothing had happened. That’s truly down to the great management team that I have assembled to run YOUR VIP LOUNGE. They are indeed truly amazing people who work so tirelessly on your behalf. But more importantly, they do this because they care and for free, often at great expense to themselves.

I personally got so tired, I was definitely exhausted. I was tested to my limits by somebody spreading malicious rumours about me and tried to resign. But you THE LOUNGERS had other ideas and would not accept my decision. Instead, I received over a thousand messages of support and encouragement, urging me to reconsider my decision and carry on in the post.

Then in June, we took nearly forty LOUNGERS away for a summer break to Blackpool, a seaside holiday resort on the northwest coast of England. Everybody in attendance had a fantastic time, which was fantastic.

Then in July, we moved the head office of the whole organisation back to Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, home to where we launched in 2013, from Oxford.

This involved moving three homes, a caravan and cars from different places. Seven of us relocated our homes to live in Cardiff, which shows a huge level of personal commitment to THE VIP LOUNGE GROUP, but also to you as individuals.

Since then, a second house was sourced and LOUNGERS have moved in and now enjoy a much better quality of life, being supported with everyday livening experiences, as well as being encouraged to grow their independence and confidence.

During November, we invited Loungers to visit Cardiff for yet another breakaway. We stayed at a very swanky hotel, enjoyed daily excursions and feasted on a multi-course Christmas Lunch.

Organisations and individuals working in partnership with THE VIP LOUNGE have also grown during 2017, so now we are able to access yet more services on behalf of you THE LOUNGER.

So now you’re up to date regarding 2017, we now look forward to 2018, which begins with the latest in our group of radio stations. THE INFORMATION STATION launches at 8 am U.K. time on the first of February

Well that’s enough from me except to say thank you to everybody who has been involved in any way with us at THE VIP LOUNGE, we truly are very appreciative of your involvement.