R.I.P. Jill Grant.

It is with great sadness that THE VIP LOUNGE can confirm the unexpected death of Jill Grant, one of our LOUNGERS, who was found dead on Christmas Day at her home by police.

Jill was very gentle and quiet. A peaceful and quiet lady who worked hard on behalf of Visually Impaired People, not much of a socialiser, who enjoyed living alone at home with her pets.

Jill will be sorely missed by her family and friends as well as all of those who had the pleasure to know her.

On behalf of THE VIP LOUNGE, I send our deepest condolences to those closest to her, here at THE VIP LOUNGE, we feel your loss very deeply.

You may recall that THE VIP LOUNGE put out an appeal on Boxing Day, regarding contact details for Jill’s family. I can now inform you that her family have been traced and informed of her passing.

Speculation regarding the circumstances of Jill’s tragic passing have been swirling around since our appeal. Below is a news link confirming what we at THE VIP LOUNGE knew on Boxing Day.

Out of respect for Jill and her family, I would ask that there is no public comment left below, except to offer your own tribute to Jill.

THE VIP LOUNGE offer all effected by Jill’s Murder, bereavement support for as long as it is required.