Hurt will not stop us from helping!

This story was published as two separate posts on Facebook, I have merged them as they both are on the same subject. The original Author for both posts is Ian Francis.

This post was written on the 28th of April, 2018.

You know sometimes when we meet somebody that needs our help, we can’t help but take that person into our hearts. But sometimes they throw the caring we give and love that we show right back in our faces, without offering any sort of reason or explanation.

This has just happened to many of our admin team and especially those of us living in Cardiff as a young lady who we loved has thrown all of our support right back at us.

You see we travelled miles to support this particular young lady and then even provided her with a place to live in our home.

It turned out that she was planning to leave without even telling us, which has upset and hurt us deeply. We pointed out that we felt used as she was prepared to leave in such a way and asked her why she did not just talk to us? She offered no explanation and did not even say goodbye when she left.

Since leaving she has told lie after lie about us and we are all wondering why?

This on the second anniversary of the death of a very dear and close friend of ours Mr Chris England, which she was fully aware of, shows a callous lack of timing or understanding.

We wish this young lady the best for the future but now feel for the first time ever at THE VIP LOUNGE, that we will never be able to offer somebody we believed to be a friend, our support.

But for the bigger picture, we at the admin team will brush ourselves off and continue to help people who need us, wherever they are and no matter what their problems may be, as that’s what we do and that’s who we are. No matter what the personal cost to us.

This post was written on the 29th of April, 2018

Yesterday I wrote about feeling hurt by somebody who we tried to help, due to the way they left without even saying goodbye or thank you.

It turns out that her actions were as a result of family manipulation, as they knew how to push her buttons.

Some families look past what is best for a person they are supposed to love and cherish, as the loss of control of an individual that they convince themselves they love and care for is more frightening than admitting that they have drastically failed the one who trusts them.

Yesterday I was wrong. I was so hurt and disappointed that I did not even stop to consider that this may be the case.

Now all I can do is apologise to that young lady, as my own feelings at the time clouded my own judgement. I am so very sorry, but honestly, I did not ever expect that I would ever have had to deal with such a devious, manipulative and evil family.

To be fair to myself I did not have the facts until this evening, but now I do I can see the bigger picture.

We at THE VIP LOUNGE had arranged full support both medically and on a social level for our member. Now she has gone back to her family she faces a life of further violence, being controlled or manipulated and her freedom to make informed decisions and choices has been taken away.

I failed her and I will never forgive myself for that.