For five years we have been providing support, information, and advice to Visually Impaired People from all around the globe.

I am so very proud of the successes achieved on your behalf by our volunteers here at THE VIP LOUNGE.

Who could have imagined five years ago, when I launched THE VIP LOUNGE, that at this point in time we would have 67,912 Lounger throughout the world in many different groups, speaking so many different languages, supporting each other through life.

In the U.K. alone we have dealt with more than 120,000 enquiries and made a huge difference, sometimes life changing by just being here.

And now as we enter our sixth year, 14 people have come forward to act on your behalf by forming a committee to administer your VIP LOUNGE.

Well done to all of our volunteers both past and present for making other people’s lives easier in some way, a huge thank you to you on behalf of all THE VIP LOUNGE members.