Here are some frequently asked questions regarding The V.I.P. Lounge.

1. What is THE VIP LOUNGE?

THE VIP LOUNGE is a peer to peer support organisation, where Visually Impaired People (VIP’s) of all ages and abilities can seek and offer advice, encouragement, and know-how, with tasks and situations, which we face every day. This may include things such as recipes, computer issues, mobile phone problems, fashion, right through to welfare support and housing advice. Anything really, no question is ignored.

2. How do I join THE VIP LOUNGE?

Anybody can join us as a member, they do not need to have experience sight-loss. Families, friends, careers, as well as VIPs are welcome.
Visit the “Join us” page to find out more for anybody wishing to become part of our organisation.

3. How do I contact THE VIP LOUNGE?

As with the answer to question number 2, you can contact us through the Contact Us Page, Press the button below:

Contact Us

or you can email us at

IAN FRANCIS can be contacted by telephone on; 07463785987.

You can also write to us at:

THE VIP LOUNGE. 2 Tealham Drive, St Mellons, Cardiff. CF3 0SA

4. How can I volunteer at THE VIP LOUNGE?

The best way to volunteer at THE VIP LOUNGE would be to contact Hazel Hyland by email.
Email Hazel



6. How is THE VIP LOUNGE funded?

THE VIP LOUNGE is mostly funded by our Founder and CEO, IAN FRANCIS. Though members are asked to cover any expenses they incur themselves. They don’t seem to mind as most of them are here to help. They also realise that if they need help, that somebody who may offer, could do so at expense to them self.

7. Is THE VIP LOUNGE a charity?

THE VIP LOUNGE is a not for profit, non-fundraising, not grant maintained, peer support organisation. We are not a charity. We make no charge for any service we offer.

8. Are all the people that work at THE VIP LOUNGE paid?

No member of THE VIP LOUNGE is paid in any way for their time or the services and support we offer. Every member is a volunteer and THE VIP LOUNGE has no employees.

9. How do I join the chat groups?

Links have been posted on this website, which you can follow in order that you can be added to any of the social media groups we run.

10. Can anybody join THE VIP LOUNGE?

Yes anybody can join THE VIP LOUNGE. We are an inclusive, NOT exclusive organisation. We encourage our members (known as LOUNGERS) to invite their families, friends and in some circumstances their carers to become fully involved in activities organised by THE VIP LOUNGE.

If you have any further questions or would like to comment, we invite you to contact us at;