Welfare Support

We work with all social service departments, the DWP, local councils, national and local charities, medical & mental health services, offered within the U.K

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We have access to training programmes including accessing employment, daily living skills, volunteering to gain employment skills.

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Social Skills

We run several radio stations that are there to help V.I.P’s gain valuable social and IT skills. Our stations reach thousands of listeners daily and help facilitate social activity.

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THE VIP LOUNGE never closes. We are proud that there is always somebody available to answer any enquiries no matter what time of the day it is. Whether we are contacted by telephone, email, via Facebook, on WhatsApp, there is always somebody here to give advice encouragement and support, no matter what the issue.


We have groups of people regularly meeting to participate in sporting activities such as 10 pin bowling, in association with national charity “BRITISH BLIND SPORT”.
We meet for lunch occasionally at different venues through the U.k.
We also run trips either as day trips to cinema, theatre, and other places of interest. So far members (known as LOUNGERS) have enjoyed rock climbing, abseiling, sailing, race-car driving etc.
We have enjoyed mini breaks in Swindon, Blackpool, Liverpool, Coventry as well as being the only organisation who launched an internet radio station ( theviploungeradio.com:9000 ) from media city in Salford near Manchester.


Our team are backed up by professional volunteers such as:-

Rehabilitation officers,


Welfare rights workers,

Housing officers,

Lawyers & Barristers,

Councillors & psychologists,


The list goes on!

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