Sh'mae! That means "Hello" in Welsh, I'm Mark, and I am the Webmaster for The V.I.P. Lounge Group, as well as a presenter on The V.I.P. Lounge Worldwide!

I was born in Bangor, North Wales in 1987, and now live just down the road in Colwyn Bay. I have A Levels in French, Welsh and Leisure and Tourism, I speak Welsh almost fluently, but as I'm the only one in my immediate family to speak it can be a struggle to keep my fluency.

I have started University degrees in both French and Welsh but struggled with mental health problems (A Mental Health worker at my 2nd university says I have a mild form of Autism).

I have mild Cerebral Palsy on my left-hand side, and when I was very young was told I'd never be able to walk very far, and would need to rely on a wheelchair for most of my life, but I proved them wrong in 2002 when I undertook a sponsored walk around Llyn Breng in Wales, it was around 9 1/2 miles!

I also have Congenital Nystagmus, which is a neurological condition that affects the nerves between my eyes and my brain, and in my left eye means I'm totally blind because my right eye does all the work, thanks to my Cerebral Palsy. Oh, and when I was very young I wore glasses, When I was 5 I was told I didn't need them anymore, but after being in A&E more times than I can remember the Ophthalmologist said I needed glasses permanently, as I can't see clearly beyond my hand (when my arm is outstretched)

I've attended a specialist Residential College for the Blind in Harrogate because I felt I needed to hone my life skills before I went out into the big wide world. The only issue with that was because I'm a fast learner the College had to improvise and make changes to their courses to help me improve. So I was put on a Work Placement and completed an NVQ Level 2 in Information and Library Services.

I hope you really enjoy yourselves here at The V.I.P. Lounge, If you have any questions about the website or would like a chat (in English or Welsh) please get in touch with us!

Hwyl! (That means Goodbye!)

a man and a woman sat in a boat on the water. They are looking straight at the camera
Mark and his Racing Buddy, Rose. Mark is a keen and avid sailor who sails solo except for racing