Hi, I'm Sammy Clark, I'm joint treasurer of THE VIP LOUNGE GROUP, including the radio stations.

I'm 35 and I am in a very happy relationship with Ian Francis.

Poptrait photo of a lady with blonde hair, dark sunglasses and a white cane

I have been a VIP since birth, but now I have very little useful sight. I am totally deaf in one ear and severely hearing impaired in the other.

I attended Exhall Grange School, Coventry throughout my entire school life. After leaving school I enrolled at a mainstream college to study I.T. And also business and administration studies.

I looked after my nephew for a few years, while his mum and dad worked.

Since then I've worked at a charity shop amongst other things.

I am an admin at THE VIP LOUNGE, as well as a presenter on THE VIP LOUNGE WORLDWIDE radio station.