One of the many ways you can talk to each other as Loungers is via TeamTalk:
TeamTalk is available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android.

Windows Users: We recommend TeamTalk 5 Classic for Accessibility, which is an option given in the installer.

VIP Lounge teamtalk

Download TeamTalk on Windows

Installation Instructions:

  • Follow the Set-up process, ensuring you choose "Teamtalk 5 Classic for Accessibility"

Set-up Instructions:

  • Once TeamTalk has opened, Press F2, which opens the Connect dialogue. if F2 doesn't work: press Alt, and Connect is under the "Client" menu option
  • Enter the Host Address as T T H u b . o r g minus the spaces, Remember that T T H is in capitals.
  • Both Host TCP Port and Host UDP Port are the same value: 10038
  • That's it! Find the "Connect" button, press it, and that's you connected!

Download Teamtalk on MacOS

MacOS: Teamtalk 5 for MAC for is not fully accessible but some help can be given.

Download Teamtalk on Android!

Download Teamtalk on IOS

It is not compatible with iPads.

Set-up Instructions

Once you have downloaded Team Talk from the App Store, double tap on  the icon and you will be placed in team talk.
Go ahead and add a new server.
Find the add button at the top right-hand corner of the screen. (For screen reader users, it will say add button).
Then double tap and you will then be placed on to the add server screen
The next thing you will need to do is give the server you are adding a  name.
Name the server something that easily identifies the server you are  connecting to.
For example if you are connecting to the Lounge, call it "The Lounge"
When you have filled in the name of your server, the next step will be  the host address.
The host address is
Please remember, that the first 3 letters must be in capital letters.  So that would be capital T, capital T, capital H.
The next step is the TCP port. IN this edit box, just type in the  numbers 10038.
The next step is the UDP port. In this one you also type in 10038.
Then all you need to do is scroll up to the top, on the top right you will find the save button.Double tap it and your server will  be saved.

Now you will need to connect to the server.
You do this by going to where it says the name of the server. That  would be the name you put in when you set the server up. Double tap on the server name and then go to where VoiceOver says "connect", then double tap on it.

TeamTalk Config File

This nifty little file sets up your TeamTalk client.

TeamTalk server details

Host address is:, that's TTH in uppercase, in lowercase.

Both port numbers are: 10038

No need to enter a username and password.

If you are using a mobile build please remember to save settings located at the top right hand corner

Once done find "Connect"

Once Connected, on the server there is a room called "The Lounge", tap it and there will be an option to "Join" or "Connect". Tap it as instructed by VoiceOver or TalkBack and you're in!

We can help you once connected to change any other settings

Please wear a headset or handsfree when using TeamTalk

If you require any further help please don't hesitate to contact Tony via

  • WhatsApp
  • Twitter: @tonyjohnbreach
  • Skype:
  • Email:   Use the above address above
  • Phone:  07474561223