At THE VIP LOUNGE we have organised 11 holidays so far. Nearly 100 Loungers have enjoyed a fantastic time with friends both old and new. Out of those who have attended so far, in excess of 50 people have returned on multiple occasions some as many as 7 times.

Why do they do this, well firstly it’s the friendly and warm atmosphere that begins before they even arrive at our destination, this continues well after they have returned home again.

Secondly it’s the choice of venue we make. Fully accessible and luxurious accommodation helps to make everybody who stays with us feel very special indeed.

Then there is the food, the day-trips, the entertainment. At THE VIP LOUNGE we believe in giving the best possible to all of our LOUNGERS, so obviously you have a right to expect the same while enjoying a break away from home with us.

When your away with THE VIP LOUNGE you get freedom to choose what activities you wish to take part in, not forced to do things you would rather not, unlike on some holidays organised for Visually Impaired People. All we expect is that you have a relaxing and enjoyable experience. You will receive as much or as little support in accordance with your own personal requirements, you call the shots all the way, after all it is your holiday and indeed you know yourself better than anybody else.

We have fully registered carers who have basic medical training on call 24 hours each day, so if you need more specialist help, we can offer it to you.

When you consider what is outlined above, I think we can safely boast that we at THE VIP LOUNGE, are the only organisation who offer so much. Also remember that our breaks away are not subsidised,and you can purchase your holiday at much less than cost price. THE VIP LOUNGE MAKES NO PROFIT WHAT-SO-EVER.

So for our 2019 summer getaway, we are visiting WEYMOUTH BAY in the beautiful county of DORSET.

Prices start from just £250 per person, sharing for 4 nights bed, breakfast and evening meal, arriving on Monday 17th June and departing on Friday 21st.

Alternatively why not stay for 7 nights from Saturday 15th June and going home again the following week 22nd June. Again bed, Breakfast and evening meals are included and the cost is just £350 per person.

As well as great entertainment offered by the renowned Haven Holiday Park, THE VIP LOUNGE will be offering LOUNGERS the opportunity to visit the world famous MONKEY WORLD, the U.K.’s foremost primate sanctuary. We will pay a visit to the Weymouth Sealife Centre. Also we will be visiting WEST BAY, made famous in the ITV drama BROADCHURCH, which starred the former and current actors who undertook the role of The Doctor in Doctor who, David Tennant and Jodie Whittaker respectively. We will also be visiting Weymouth itself, where the coastline was the venue for all sailing competitions during the 2012 British Olympics.

Now at THE VIP LOUNGE, we know how much our LOUNGERS like a party, so we will be putting on an exclusive shin-dig just for you. A BBQ, great music, a karaoke and a quiz-night are just some of the things on offer to you.

So honestly, where else can you get such great value for money, meet great people, feel so comfortable, have all your needs met, experience new things, while having so much fun? Truthfully the answer is nowhere. Oh and did I mention that any registered service dog is welcome, so no need to look for a boarder. You can even bring the kids and non-Visually Impaired People as well!

We even have minibuses collecting And returning people from Birmingham New Street, Cardiff Central and Weymouth railway stations at an extra cost.

Book your place now by paying a £25 deposit. You can even pay the balance by instalment, but hurry as we already have over 40 people on the list, which just goes to prove just how popular our holidays are.

For further details please contact Lianne Mckeon, you will find a link to her on our website which is: or email her at
Lianne can also be found on Facebook, Whatsapp and teamtalk.

Well that’s it from me, I hope to see as many of you as possible in June at Weymouth as we all come together for THE VIP LOUNGE 2019 SUMMER BREAK.