I am writing to you to tell you that THE VIP LOUNGE is returning to its roots in Wales.  As you may be aware, The VIP lounge is a non for profit non grant maintained, no fundraising, no charge, peer support organisation, run by and for visually impaired people, which started in Cardiff on 1st August, 2013., when we helped a homeless blind man with learning difficulties, whose home had been burnt in a fire, leaving him with nothing, we helped him source clothing, move into a new residence, furnish his new home, claim benignity and volunteer in a workplace environment.

Since our launch, we have built an online support network, acting as an introductory or gateway to any service offered to VIPs.  We have worked with social service departments, local councils, medical services, the medical profession, charities, councillors, the DWP, the list just goes on.  We currently have in excess of 18,200 active volunteers.

We operate 2 internet radio stations broadcasting live 24 hours each day of the year, run on a commercial radio format, though instead of playing adverts, we play out public service announcements.  When we return to Cardiff we will launch a Welsh language service to compliment what we do already.  All of the above done to increase the confidence of those who may need confidence building and social skills encouragement.

We meet regularly for lunches, long weekends away, and sporting activities.  The later in association with British blind sports.

Among our celebrity supporters are Jeremy Kyle, Linda Robson and Rick Tomlinson.

We hope that you would help us spread the word as to what we currently offer, as we are seeking to support even more residents with sight loss.

I can be contacted either by clicking below, or by calling our Cardiff number which is:-

Thank you for taking the time to read this message.  Both I and THE VIP LOUNGE hope to work with you at some point in the very near future.

Respectfully yours,