This is your VIP LOUNGE

At the moment, the up-take of nominations for election to the committee which will take THE VIP LOUNGE forward is slow and to be honest, a little disappointing.


THE VIP LOUNGE IS YOURS! So why wouldn’t you want a say in its future?

Many of you criticise organisations such as the RNIB, where you don’t have a voice, I’ve heard you, I’ve spoken to many of you, so why when you have a chance to do something that could really make a difference to the lives of VIP’s, do you just sit there quietly and throw away this remarkable opportunity to force society to change?


Be a part of things and get your nominations to Lianne Mckeon as soon as possible. Don’t wait for the deadline of midnight U.K. time on 31st May, 2018.

None of us can see into the future so if you leave it until then, something may come up that prevents you from getting your nominations in on time.


Over the past 5 years THE VIP LOUNGE has, on your behalf, made significant changes through campaigning. We have made individual people’s lives better by getting them access to services that they either did not know about, or were denied.

This will all stop on 31st December 2018, if a new committee cannot be formed. The partnerships made with government bodies, local authorities, charities and individuals will be lost if you can’t be bothered to step up and play your part.


Cards on the table!  I have only 17% of my heart working, 1 working kidney, angina and now this week I find out I’m diabetic. I can’t just keep on going!

Also, I have a partner and a 3-month-old baby son. Don’t they deserve now to spend some quality time with me before I die?


So, it’s now your turn. Please step up and continue the work that THE VIP LOUNGE does so well. Please don’t make the last 5 years count for nothing?


Thank you,