Here at THE VIP LOUNGE, we like to think that we play to our strengths.

For over three years now, one of our main strengths has been our radio stations, but they have an important downside, which is their name.

You see “WORLDWIDE” is getting lost in the emergence of other stations using similar names and “GLOBAL RADIO” is being confused with an international organisation who use that as a parent company name for their terrestrial radio stations.

For this reason, THE VIP LOUNGE RADIO GROUP is going back to our roots.

From 6am UK time on Monday 11th February, we are bringing back two of our trusted and most solid names.

GLOBAL RADIO will be known as “THE VIP LOUNGE EXTRA and WORLDWIDE, will use the name the station was launched with, back in December of 2015 and what most people still refer to it as which is “THE VIP LOUNGE”.

On both stations you will still hear familiar presenters, bringing you your favourite shows, continuing to improve the quality of radio that can be heard anywhere in the world.

You won’t need to change a thing except how you ask Alexa or Google home to play the stations.

Thank you for your patience regarding the changes we are making, this is being done so that you the listener will continue to find easy to enjoy the stations you love, without having to trawl through numerous other stations which have similar sounding names.

Continuing to lead, not just be part of the crowd.