We’ve hosted many events across the United Kingdom, and we know Loungers across The World are active in running events on their own. This page will detail events we’ve held in the past, and events we’re holding in the present and future.

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Past Events

Swindon, November 2013

We had Early Christmas Lunch with some of the Loungers

Blackpool, February 2014

Meet The Loungers

Coventry, October 2014

Made a Documentary for Channel 4

Manchester, December 2015

The VIP Lounge Radio Station was launched at Manchester over dinner

Liverpool, June 2016

We took Loungers around “The Mersey Beat”, a Beatles themed tour,

Blackpool, June 2017

We went to Blackpool for four days of fun, laughter and memories!

Read our full report here

and view the pictures in our gallery here

Cardiff, November 2017

The VIP Lounge returned to its roots in December, staying in the Copthorne Hotel, Culverhouse Cross, Cardiff.

Much fun was had, and we had trips to a local Fire Station, as well as to see the filming locations of Gavin and Stacey.

But the trip was also relaxing, as the hotel had a spa and swimming pool for our use.

A full write up by Hazel is coming soon

Future Events

St Leonard’s-on-Sea, June 2018

We’ve been to Swindon; Coventry, Blackpool twice; Manchester, Liverpool; Cardiff; and now, look out St. Leonard’s the VIP Lounge is coming your way!

Steeped in history, from the battlefields of 1066 to building of a promenade made of cut glass; from shops to beaches, St’ Leonard’s has it all. And from Monday the 18th June to Friday 22nd June, you can experience this and much more.

The break consists of 4 nights, dinner, bed and breakfast in modern accommodation at the Combe Haven Holiday Park, St Leonards-on-Sea; 2 full day excursions, London, and the Abbey and battlefields of 1066. A third trip is optional at an additional payment; access to on-site activities and nature reserve.

The VIP Lounge is offering this Summer Break for a fantastic price of £250 per person. However, if you want to bring the family, kids and dogs welcome, different rates apply. To find out more, contact Lianne Mckeon at lianne.mckeon@theviplounge.co.uk. Payment plans are available.

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