Hello, everyone.  My name is Lianne McKeon

I’m registered blind.  I have a little bit of sight in my left eye which means that I can see close up. I was registered blind in 1987.

I also have mild Cerebral Palsy and Hypopiterism.

I went to a mainstream nursery, however, because of my walking issues, I went to a special school called George Auden, then I went on to a special secondary school at 11 called Priestly Smith.  They were both day schools.  Then I went on to a residential college called the Royal National College for the Blind.  I studied GNVQ Intermediate business studies; Clait IT; NVQ Level 2 Customer Services; and GCSE Maths where I obtained a grade C.  It was my first time away from home. My family moved to Harborne hoping that I would go to the Queen Alexandra College.

I moved to Belfast for a few years and studied GCSE English.   I achieved grade C.  The College I attended was a mainstream college.  I had one-to-one support which I enjoyed having the experience of being in a mainstream college.  I am hoping to go back into education and do other qualifications.

When I came back to Birmingham, I went to help out at our family run business called Residential Lettings for about 3 years. Then I moved to Tamworth to live with my partner.  I volunteered at Mercian Ability Partnership, and as a classroom assistant at care first to a friend in art.

I’ve been a member of The VIP Lounge for nearly 2 years.  I was approached prior to me joining but didn’t want to join at the time as I didn’t know much about The VIP Lounge, so I did my own research.  When I joined, I knew a few friends who had recently joined.

I now work as a presenter on the radio, run a group called VIP Lounge Local Eyes.  We are looking to set up Local Eyes groups in different areas.  We currently have Local Eyes Birmingham and Local Eyes Durham.  I also help out with welfare with the lounge members.

I have recently been asked if I’d like to become Assistant Head of Administration alongside Hazel.