Group of people stood facing the camera
One of the first Social Groups pose for a photo
Groups of people sat around round tables dressed with tablecloths.
The VIP Lounge Radio Station Launch in Manchester

Welcome to The VIP Lounge!

Hello and Welcome, The VIP Lounge exists to provide Visually Impaired People with the support they need, be that through befriending, help with benefits, improving life and Social skills and much much more!

What's more, The VIP Lounge is a Worldwide non-profit organisation, We have members on all continents from all walks of life, We don't just cater for Blind and visually Impaired people, we cater for their carers, their families, friends colleagues and health professionals.

Portrait photo of a man and woman sat together, the man is on the left and the lady is on the right.
Making friends with famous people, One of our lounges has made friends with Country singer, Hayley Oliver.

Next Steps...

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