Meet the Committee

We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Beside each photograph, we have provided a description of the role that each person has, If you wish to contact the committee, there is a form at the bottom.

Justin Coling

Justin is the Chairman of The VIP Lounge Group.

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Ian Francis

Ian is the Founder & CEO of The VIP Lounge Group.

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Lianne Mckeon

Lianne is the Director of Administration.

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Poptrait photo of a lady with blonde hair, dark sunglasses and a white cane

Sammy Clarke

Sammy is the Treasurer.

Her role is to be in charge of all VIP Lounge accounts. Keeping them up to date and ensuring she knows what is happening with all the money

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Andrea Hope

Andrea is Director of Well-being and Social Welfare.

Her Role is to provide emotional support and welfare advice to anyone who needs support from the VIP Lounge.

Anthea Allen

Anthea is Director of Social Media.

Her role, with the help from a team of admins, will oversee all that goes on in all WhatsApp rooms and Facebook.

Diane Marks

Diane is Director of Information Technology.

Her role is to oversee the Lounge’s website and all the I.T. services across the entire VIP Lounge and VIP Lounge Radio Group.

Tony Breach

Tony is the Director of Technical Support, He is also Director of The VIP Lounge Radio Group.

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Hazel Hyland

Hazel is the Director of The VIP Lounge Events Limited.

Her role will be to assist in organising holidays and keeping the business records up to date.

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Simon Peddle

Simon is the Director of Communications.

His role is to be in charge of all communication across the whole VIP Lounge, e.g. liaising between two people if an email hasn’t been responded too.

Rob Clarke

Rob is the Press Secretary. His role is to be in charge of everything that involves the media and press releases.

Michelle Bradley

Michelle is the Fundraising Director.

Her role is to promote The VIP Lounge through fundraising.

Whatsapp Administrators:

Your Whatsapp Administrators are:
Leeanne Gilchrist, Sammy Clark, Anthea Allen, Hazel Hyland, Ian Francis, Diane Marks, Andrea Hope, Lucy Evans, Simon Peddle and Lianne Mckeon.

TeamTalk Team:

Your TeamTalk Team is:
TJ Breach, Ian Francis, Jason Watson, Francesca Webber, Andrea Hope, Rob Clarke, Lianne Mckeon, Diane Marks and Hazel Hyland.

Contact the Committee or TeamTalk/WhatsApp teams

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What next?

You’ve read all about us, and hopefully been in touch with a few of our committee members to find out more about our services, and what we can offer.

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