The Primary method our Loungers communicate through is a mobile instant messaging platform called WhatsApp.

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Lounge Rules

  • The rules governing The VIP Lounge. including WhatsApp, can be viewed here:

List of WhatsApp Room(s)

Below is a list of the WhatsApp Rooms, At the bottom of the page is a form that you will nee

  • The VIP Lounge
    If it’s just a chat you want, The VIP Lounge may be just the place. This room is for everyone, no matter what their interests are. You can make friends, join in discussions, or simply sit back and listen to what others have to say.
  • The Summer House
    Another general chat room is The Summer House. In this room, you can chat about anything of interest.
  • Culture talk
    Another general chat room, however, this one is where you can talk to others about different cultural topics. These can include: different ways of pronouncing some words; talk about differences in different countries, or simply listen to others talking about their culture.
  • Worldwide Studio
    To go alongside our radio station, The VIP Lounge Worldwide, we have a studio room where you can contact the current presenter and get involved with the show. You can also use this room for sending in requests.
  • Global Studio
    A way for you to contact our presenters on The VIP Lounge Global
  • O.F.H. Studio
    A place to go to get in touch with the presenters on The VIP Lounge Oldies Fun House
  • i.s. studio
    A place to go to interact with The Information Station team
  • Stateside Studio
    A place to go to speak to the presenters on Stateside Radio, part of The VIP Lounge Radio group.
  • Chatterbooks
    This room is for our book club. here, you can find out what topic of book people are reading for that month and send us your views on the book you have just read.
  • Living Skills
    Do you have any hints and tips to share with others about daily living? Would you like to hear from others about how they manage with daily life? Then join Living Skills where knowledge is shared
  • Only Girls Allowed
    This room speaks for itself. this room is for ladies to talk about fashion or any other topic that interests girls. to join this room, you must be female, and love talking
  • The Auditorium
    For all you theatregoers, this room is for you. pop in and chat about theatre productions; concerts; or just simply listen to others talk about their theatre trips, including how the audio description has helped them enjoy the show. the curtain lifts as soon as you join
  • The Cage
    This room does not have bars, kennels, or catteries. this room is for pets; guide/assistance animals; and their owners to relax, have a drink, let their tails wag animals only) and talk about man’s best friends. If you want to join your fellow animal lovers, two-legged or four-legged, we’d love to speak to you
  • The Campaigns Office
    If you have an issue that is affecting you in your daily life, for example, being refused access to shops or public transport; having difficulty getting the right format for medical appointments; or need to find out what you can do to raise awareness of visual impairment, here is the place for you. with links to some of the largest campaigns, and opportunities to get involved in things the VIP Lounge are up to, including actively attending en masse when discrimination has occurred, let us know
  • The Chapel
    for anyone who wants to talk about religion, or share their faith with other believers, including prayer or bible readings, pop in to The Chapel. Talk to others; play, or listen to religious music, or simply spend a moment in quiet contemplation,
  • The Classroom
    Are you having trouble adding up your weekly shopping? Are you finding it difficult to read or pronounce some words? Do you want to learn Braille or another topic such as another language? then classes start the moment you join and start talking to others.
  • The Comedy Club
    Are you the type of person who likes telling jokes? then come along to the Comedy Club, the comedians pop in to make you smile.
  • The Computer Room
    This room is full of technology. From desktops to laptops; printers to other types of computer technology, you are sure to find advice and support with anything, including assistive technology. supported by The VIP Lounge Know How team, we can answer your questions and provide solutions to many issues. come along to see if we can help
  • The Craft Room
    Do you like getting your hands sticky with glue? do you fancy knitting, crocheting or sewing? or are you a card maker? this is the room for you. find out what other people are up to; different patterns or techniques; or even send pictures of your creations. join us
  • The Games Room
    Attention all gamers! do you want somewhere quiet to play your favourite game? then we have the room for you. our Games room is full of opportunity for you to share your scores; join quizzes; meet other gamers, and have fun. use your mouse, keyboard or joystick and join us to begin the fun
  • The Greenhouse
    There is no glass around here, just plenty of people talking about, and growing plants. if you want to learn about growing plants, or have hints and tips on growing plants, come along and join us
  • The Gymn
    Want to keep fit, encourage others, and support each other to meet our fitness goals? then come along to the Gymn and tell people about the Gymn you attend.
  • The Kitchen
    Do you like cooking? Do you enjoy sharing recipes? Then come along to the Kitchen and find out what others are having for their meals. pass recipes on to others and find out what is available to help make cooking safer.
  • The Library
    Ssshhh, remember, no loud talking. Libraries are meant to be places for reading and sharing book ideas. come along to see what others are reading. similar to the Chatterbooks room, but more generic. join us in our love of reading
  • The Music Room
    Do you play an instrument? are you interested in music generally and would like to share that love with others? then come into the Music Room where loud noise is allowed. Chat with others about music and music related topics. are you ready to join us?
  • The Nest
    Are you single and want to talk to other singles? then pop into the nest where you can chat with others. The criteria to come along is that you are single.
  • The Noticeboard
    If you are involved in a group that you would like to let others know about? are you doing an activity that you want to tell others about in your community? then post your event or activity in our Noticeboard
  • The Phone Box
    From smartphones to tablets and Ipads, the Phone Box is the place to go to ask your questions. you can also talk about useful and accessible apps, and support others
  • The Radio Room
    Do you like listening to the radio in general? our Radio Room is somewhere you can go to relax and talk to others about radio topics, including programs. this room is not specific to The VIP Lounge Radio Group, although if you like listening to The VIP Lounge Radio Group, you can talk about that as well.
  • The Sports Bar
    Are you interested in sports? Do you like watching or listening to the football or rugby match every week? then join others who like to do the same. talk about sport and encourage others in sport
  • The Store
    Do you have anything to sell that is VI specific, for example, talking products? are you wanting to find something to help make your life better? come along to the store and either enquire or let people know what you have for sale
  • The TV Room
    If you are interested in talking about TV programs or wanting to find out what’s on, the TV room is the place for you. Every day, one of our members puts up the daily listing for the major UK TV Channels. Come along and join the chat

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